Video tutorial

Swell coconut soil

1. Place a coconut clay brick in your grow-grow groove and moisten it with the water jet turned on slightly. Please always add only a small burst of water. Note: The coconut earth bricks are in rare cases very strongly pressed. In this case we recommend soaking a brick in a separate container with 250ml lukewarm water for 2-3 minutes and then distributing the soil evenly in the Grow-Grow groove..

2. The coconut earth brick swells up in a few minutes, after which you can carefully press the earth into a flat surface. Tip: use your fingertips or a glass shelf for this. It is important that the surface is as flat as possible so that the seeds can be distributed nicely.nn.

Select seeds

3. Now place your Grow-Grow Nut on a flat bowl.

4. Select the type of seed and distribute it evenly on the ground, then press the seeds lightly and moisten from above with a hand sprayer. Pour off any remaining water.en.

Cut out the cover

5. Cut a cover out of your Grow-Grow Nut packaging and place it on the tray so that the seeds can germinate in the dark and the humidity is better maintained..

6. Let stand at room temperature until the seedlings push up the cover (approx. After 2-3 days). Now remove the cover and place the Grow-Grow Nut in a bright place (preferably out of direct sunlight for the first few days)..

Check humidity

7. Check the moisture every day and water your Grow-Grow Nut if necessary: Place in a bowl or deep plate with water for 5-10 minutes (full height approx. 2 cm)2 cm)

8. After about 6-8 days you can harvest your microgreens. Recommendation: Cut off just above the roots with scissors (do not eat the roots and soil).

Good Appetite!

Oh what is that ?!

Don't worry, these are the so-called "micro-roots", which are part of the germination process and are completely harmless!

Mold usually forms in one place and spreads from there, micro-roots sprout almost everywhere overnight.

If you are unsure, please send us a!

Microgreen Starter Guide