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Would you like to eat healthier and at the same time help to relieve the burden on the environment With the Grow-Grow-Nut you can now grow your vitamins at home on the windowsill without any plastic! All materials contained are biodegradable. And with every Grow-Grow Nut we plant, we plant a tree in the poorest areas of the world.n.

No joke: you don't need a green thumb for the Grow-Grow Nut. Just try it out, it's great fun!

1x Grow-Grow Nut einsäen =
1 Baum pflanzen

Wir sind der Meinung, dass Produkte gut für den Menschen und die Umwelt sein müssen. Daher lassen wir mit jeder angebauten Grow-Grow Nut einen Baum in den ärmsten Gebieten der Welt anpflanzen.

Seit Mitte 2019 konnten wir so bereits über 300.000 Bäume pflanzen lassen und wirken damit der globalen Erwärmung entgegen.

Customer Feedbacks


We grow our Grow-Grow Nut together with our children and it's a lot of fun. Really recommended!


I feel really enriched in my kitchen with the Grow-Grow Nuts. Simply natural (sustainable) ingredients and packaging. And so nice to watch my food grow and then to eat it with joy - knowing that it contains so much life! I'm excited :-)


This year everyone will get a Grow-Grow Nut from me for Christmas - really a great gift idea.​

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